VCISO Services

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCSIO) Services

Join dozens of companies cost-effectively securing their products and businesses from cyber threats.

Schedule a 30 minute call and speak with an actual Telegraph Hill executive, not a sales rep, about what your company can be doing today.

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“​By contracting with Telegraph Hill Software, our team now includes industry leading security architects and compliance experts who work directly with our startup’s engineering, operations and management teams securing our product and critical business processes.”

VP of Engineering

Built for Start-ups

Policy documents describing security controls that can apply to just about any business are not what startups need. With decades of startup experience, our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO) service is built on our understanding the challenges of getting your product to market quickly while scaling security.

  • Tailored assessment and remediation recommendations to your stage of development.
  • Focus on securing your products to meet the compliance needs of your market.

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Sample Risk Matrix and Technical Recommendations

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