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How can I grow our technology organization without slowing down my current plans in a highly competitive labor market with low risk ?

Go Faster – Not Slower

When your CEO says, “build product faster”, what do you do?  Grow your Software Engineering team!

That’s when you run into 3 challenges that take time away from building and deploying product; challenges that threaten to make you go slower just when you have to go faster:

– Recruiting –  Training – Staffing –

“Telegraph Hill’s managers excel at evaluating top technical talent across the entire spectrum of skills necessary for a rapidly-growing, elite SaaS firm like ours. Although they are not a staffing firm, they’ve assisted us in building a great team.”

John MacIlwaine

Chief Technology Officer


Recruiting new team members is time consuming, especially for you and your direct reports who are already double and triple booked.

You teach recruiters what to look for.  Still only 1 or 2 out of 10 resumes is a good candidate.  You screen, interview, and, ‘sell’ job candidates.  Which means more time away from building product. Threatening to make you go slower instead of faster.

Telegraph Hill Software can help.  Our ‘Interim VP of Engineering’ consultants work with you to screen and interview candidates from recruiters and from our own professional networks.  Our consultants know the local labor market because they have decades of experience in technical hiring.  Instead of meeting 100 candidates to fill 10 roles, you might meet 12 or 13.

You’ll go faster, not slower.

Still, hiring 10 new engineers is no guarantee of 10 successes.  The best way to avoid bad hiring outcomes is to ‘try before you buy’.

So, Telegraph Hill offers ‘conversion contracting’.  New hires work under our contract until you offer to convert them to full-time employees.  Where productivity or other performance concerns arise, Telegraph Hill will be responsible for replacing the consultant.

Where the consultant becomes an integral part of your team, and, at your request, Telegraph Hill works with your HR department to offer the consultant full-time employment with your company.

You avoid the risk of bad hiring outcomes.



At the heart of any advanced development effort is a business problem embedded in a business context.  It could be an arcane banking function, or, a complex e-commerce process for medical devices, or, energy spot-market trading.  Whatever it is, few technical candidates are likely to understand the problem and context before their first day on the job.

How do they learn enough to become effective?  They ask their team-mates for explanations. Thus taking time away from building product. Again, threatening to make you go slower, just when you need to go faster.

Telegraph Hill’s Interim VP of Engineering consultants address the training challenge with formal training methods.  They can quickly research and understand your company’s target problem and context because they have worked in dozens of industries and have strong math and science backgrounds in addition to their decades of experience in software engineering.  They build and present training materials which can be used to bring new hires up to speed as well as fill in the knowledge gaps of your existing team.

You’ll go faster, instead of slower.


The first assignment can be the highest risk time for new hires.  A time when they need the highest level of technical mentoring and job-specific coaching.  This puts the highest burden of people-management on you and your managers.

Telegraph Hill’s Interim VP of Engineering consultants have decades of technical personnel management experience.  They’ve seen all the warning signs of trouble and discovered mentoring and coaching approaches that help. If you are organized as product-centric, full-stack, scrum teams, our Interim VP of Engineering can lead the new team.  This helps prevent distraction inside other teams. If your teams are organized by technology layer (front-end, back-end, core algorithms) then our Interim VP of Engineering can serve as a mentor and personnel manager in a matrix structure.




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