Technical Management Consulting

Technical Management Consulting

We offer a selection of business critical fixed-price consulting services to growing companies grappling with technical, process and security debt.
Our consulting services include:
In these engagements we:
  • Begin with an assessment of your current systems and business needs
  • Work closely with appropriate stakeholders and our team to assemble and map a solution proposal
  • Leverage our access to key talent and expert project management to bring the right resources to bear at the right time.
  • Develop roadmap towards optimal state or implementation
  • Work directly with key teams on rollout and implementation as your business needs dictate.

We understand startups and how they must scale security as their business grows.

David Ward
Founder & CEO, Telegraph Hill Software
  • We work with your existing team and processes, and guide you through each step
  • Our process maps to all major standards
  • We know start-ups and early stage companies and tailor our process and recommendations to your stage of development.
For an immediate response for your issues:


DevOps Consulting

Welcome to the “app culture” – fast-paced releases with smaller, self-contained deliverables.

An effective process is one that recognizes and responds to stated goals and the specific dynamics of its environment. While the pace of today’s software development environment is dizzying, and software development management is more critical than ever, there is no silver-bullet, off-the-shelf process that works for all companies. Not one!

There is no silver bullet – not all Agile best practices are universally applicable.

The reality is that every company must create a software development process that works within their context. At Telegraph Hill, we understand that. Since there is no one-size-fits-all process, we help define, create and implement processes that are unique to your business, culture, workforce and the software universe at large. The result is a tuned and balanced development approach that considers all the dynamics of your organization and  your agenda.


The Agile process is not a silver bullet - you still need to deliver the end game.

Eric Lan
Managing Partner & COO, Telegraph Hill Software

Onsite Agile Software Engineering

We enable you to leverage high-performance, on-demand teams that work from your offices, on your schedule, and on your challenges.

OK, let’s strip the Agile Development manifesto down to its essence: The smallest, co-located team of highly skilled engineers deliver the highest-quality software, at the lowest cost, in the least time.

Telegraph Hill delivers this essence on a daily basis by providing on-site software and data development services using open-source components to build mission-critical business software and data solutions for digital firms in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our experienced engineers are a catalyst to development productivity by working at your offices as an integral part of your technology organization. Working primarily with open-source technologies, our senior engineers, analysts and managers are expert in:

  • Java, JavaScript, Python, open-source projects and componentry
  • Responsive UI and web content development
  • Automated test frameworks, test design and development
  • DevOps engineering and related script development
  • Systems engineering and related operating system configuration
  • Machine learning, natural language and intelligent systems
  • Image and voice signal processing and recognition
  • Enterprise API and middleware technologies
  • Microservices architecture and implementation
  • Relational and NoSql data solutions
  • Big data, data warehouse and operational data stores
  • Ecommerce and online advertising data solutions
  • Mobile application development
  • Agile team leads and technical project managers



OK, let’s strip the Agile Development manifesto down to its essence; leverage the smallest, collocated team of engineers that delivers the highest-quality software, at the lowest cost, as quickly as possible.

David Ward
Founder & CEO, Telegraph Hill Software

Software and Organizational Leadership Consulting

The experience, maturity and knowledge to maximize your business-critical engineering budget.

Business critical software requires a solid understanding of your business challenge and your organizational dynamics before selecting the right software foundation. At Telegraph Hill Software, we strive to understand your business first, as well as the fundamentals of your existing architecture, methodologies and processes. We know how to optimize and balance strategic and tactical objectives, while growing your organization at warp speed.

We’ve sat at your desk. We’ve experienced your issues.

Telegraph Hill’s technology and organizational consultants have decades of successful hands-on management experience at companies large and small, leading Development, Engineering, Operations and Program Management teams.

We also offer Technology Management Consulting services.

Telegraph Hill can provide your organization with an experienced practitioner. We deliver a hands-on executive to help drive your product development and operations teams.

  • Turnaround leadership: Solve operational/execution issues within your engineering team, and get them back on track
  • Global development: Design and build a global development team to access the skills you need at minimum cost
  • Process improvement: Identify key bottlenecks and improve efficiency
  • Improve transparency: Make engineering progress visible and accountable
  • Engage the business: Facilitate meetings and design processes to ensure marketing, sales and engineering pipelines are fully connected

Telegraph Hill represents a local, reliable and flexible solution to mitigate the complexity of software development, the challenge of acquiring the right talent, and managing them effectively to positive and repeatable outcomes.

Our Skills

Telegraph Hill Software is your onsite software development catalyst.  We provide mission-critical software and data development services at fast moving digital businesses throughout the SF Bay Area.

Founded in 2010, our ability to provide highly experienced, cost effective and local development talent has made Telegraph Hill an essential partner at many Bay Area businesses.

Our experienced engineers maximize development productivity by working at our clients’ offices as an integral part of their technology organization.  Using primarily open-source technologies, our senior engineers, analysts and managers are expert in:

Technical Management

  • Agile Development
  • Agile Team Leads, Technical Project Managers
  • Interim CTO, Interim CIO and Interim VP or Engineering Leadership
  • IT Risk Management Consulting
  • Information Security Consulting
  • Business Intelligence, Data Architecture and Reporting
  • Automated Test Frameworks, Test Design & Development
  • IT Operations

Problems We Solve

  • DevOps Continuous Integration & Delivery
  • Enterprise API & Middleware Technologies
  • Image & Voice Signal Processing & Recognition
  • Machine Learning, Natural Language & Intelligent Systems
  • Big Data, Date Warehouse and Operational Data Stores
  • Business Intelligence, Data Mining & Quantitative Analytics
  • Microservices Architecture & Implementation
  • Ecommerce and Online Advertising Software Technologies
  • Cloud Enablement

Skills We Possess

  • Java, Python, Scripting Languages
  • Javascript, Angular, Node C++, C#, Ruby, Rails, Grails
  • Responsive UI , HTML/CSS & Web Content Development
  • SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, Stream/Event Columnar
  • RDBMS Oracle, Sql Server, MySql, Others
  • Linux & Android Drivers, Configuration, Administration
  • Mobile iOS & Android Application Development
  • Open-source Projects, Components & Integration

Much more software is being developed by all companies, in all industries, than was ever true in the past.

David Ward
Founder & CEO, Telegraph Hill Software