Agile Staffing

Speed matters in technical staffing. Hiring risks are high. Trust is important. Recruiting can distract from product development.

Do you want to work with recruiters, consultants or outsourcers?

Instead, work with experienced CTOs and technology VPs, people like you, who will source and screen trusted engineers. And, attract the hardest-to-find specialists. And, staff individual consultants and project teams. And, train, mentor and supervise new engineers.

Build your organization on contract-to-hire terms quickly and with low hiring risk.


  • Staffing by experienced CTOs and technical VPs
  • Individual consultants to project teams
  • Optimize cost by geography
  • Contract-to-hire-terms

Agile Staffing for Software Engineering helped this peer-to-peer fintech innovator grow their software engineering and operations organization from 20 to over 200.

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Agile Staffing for Software Engineering helped this medical practice lender add just the right onsite technical team leader to bridge product management with remote engineering.

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