Solving our clients’ most pressing challenges

CTO Consulting

Navigate the ambiguity, risk and rapid change of modern technology with confidence. Address urgent technology, organization scaling and process issues with the practical expertise of experienced Chief Technology Officers.

  • Plan technology strategies for platform, organization and processes,
  • Position for scale and growth,
  • Pivot to new business models,
  • Attract high profile technologists, and fill critical talent gaps,
  • Gain credibility with board members and investors,

Interim, part-time and contract-to-hire terms.

““With Telegraph Hill’s guidance our Agile process is more efficient and collaborative – we wish we had done this a year ago!””

Jay Greene

Co-Founder, Clockwork Recruiting

“Telegraph Hill’s managers excel at evaluating top technical talent across the entire spectrum of skills necessary for a rapidly-growing, elite SaaS firm like ours. Although they are not a staffing firm, they’ve assisted us in building a great team.”

John MacIlwaine

CTO, Lending Club

Agile Staffing

Speed matters in technical staffing. Hiring risks are high. Trust is important. Recruiting can distract from product development.

Do you want to work with recruiters, consultants or outsourcers?

Instead, work with experienced CTOs and technology VPs; people like you, who will:

  • Source and screen trusted engineers,
  • Attract the hardest-to-find specialists,
  • Staff individuals and teams,
  • Supervise and mentor new engineers.

Build your organization on contract-to-hire terms quickly and with low hiring risk.

Data Science

Transform your work with the power of data; AI/ML strategy, data engineering, business analytics, predictive modeling, model-as-a-service, onsite education.

  • Discover, explore and scope the right problems to solve.
  • Build the models and apply the algorithms to predict the next-best-action to produce the best outcome.
  • Optimize data ingestion and transformation and data science infrastructure.
  • Assign responsibility for continued enhancement and operational risk mitigation to the right resource.
  • Educate your engineering team and encourage them to stay at the forefront of your endeavor.

“Telegraph Hill Software provided the expertise and experience in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning we needed to understand complex electronic medical records, clinical trial protocols and live chat with patients.”

Rob Wynden

CEO, Aloha Health Networks

“Telegraph Hill has advised us from our founding on a product and technology roadmap for our healthcare analytics solutions that fits available funding and revenues. And, now they manage our cloud platform.”

Stuart Jacobson

CEO, Biome Analytics

Cloud Engineering

Public cloud platform options are down to just a few. Competition drives each to evolve at a break-neck pace.

Are you satisfied with last year’s solution? Can you keep up with the torrent of new features and pricing?

Focus on your product and code instead. Let us help you get the most from your platform.

  • Design, build application platforms and devops toolchains,
  • Optimize subscription costs and platform labor expenses,
  • Keep up with the torrent of new platform features,
  • Migrate when necessary,
  • Instill devops best practices,
  • Train your ops organization.

Delegate cloud engineering responsibly.


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