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Our services help clients get started, set direction, pivot to a new strategy, scale up engineering organizations and staff the hardest-to-fill technical specialties.

Engineering Staffing Services

Accelerated software staffing by former VPEs, CTOs and Architects

Scale Up Your Software Engineering

Grow your technology organization in a highly competitive labor market while managing hiring risk without distracting your current staff.

Higher quality – Less time – Better odds – Lower risk

Fast growth is a great problem to have. Rapidly scaling your software organization beyond your trust network is always harder than expected.

If you are tasked with rapidly growing your software staff it won’t be easy. Our High Growth Technical Staffing should be part of your strategy:

  • Our staffing consultants are former CTOs, VPEs and Chief Architects like yourself.
  • Beyond skills, we understand what you want to build and how — and what qualifies and motivates a candidate for your teams.
  • Your line managers can focus on delivery instead of screening, interviewing and negotiating.
  • Contract-to-hire is the only zero-risk hiring strategy for software engineers.
  • We can also staff and lead entire agile teams whether local, remote or offshore.
  • We adapt to your company’s HR and contingent staffing regimes.

In short, you can focus on building product while we focus on helping you build your organization.

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“Telegraph Hill’s managers excel at evaluating top technical talent across the entire spectrum of skills necessary for a rapidly-growing, elite SaaS firm like ours. Although they are not a staffing firm, they’ve assisted us in building a great team.” John MacIlwaine

Chief Technology Officer

Technology Leadership Services

Technical Leadership on an Interim, Part-time, Task-Specific, Contract-to-Hire Basis

Chief Technology Officer, Chief Data Officer, Vice Presidents of Software Engineering, Operations, and Security

Interim Chief Technology Officer

Get an infusion of deep technical expertise, process best practices, savvy organization building and experience in fintech, medtech, healthcare and SaaS businesses.

Mckinsey will tell you, your company needs a Chief Technology Officer with technical expertise, industry experience and business vision. But, you might not need one full time. An interim, or part-time Chief Technology Officer can be a timely and cost-effective option worth exploring where:

  • Your company is growing fast, under pressure to deploy product sooner, or, pivoting to a new business model,
  • Your business team needs technology guidance on cloud platform transformation, technical labor sourcing, technology stack evolution, information security, or, a Road Map of disruptive technologies,
  • You are preparing for regulatory filings, compliance audits or investor discussions,
  • Your client-facing business systems (e.g. customer provisioning, support, service and billing) are constraining growth,
  • Your current technical leadership is departing.

An interim CTO can help you set your strategy and implementation plans appropriate to your business context

  • Guide your technology road map,
  • Infuse best practice processes for development, security and operations,
  • Set your labor plans and organization structure by recruiting technical line management, scaling up internal workforce and identifying and partnering with appropriate external providers,
  • Address technology risks; such as, information security, compliance audits, and  regulatory filings.

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“Telegraph Hill has advised us from our founding on a product and technology roadmap for our healthcare analytics solutions that fits available funding and revenues.”

Stuart Jacobson

CEO & Founder, Biome Analytics

Interim Chief Data Officer

Focus on business systems and analytics without distracting from Product delivery

The role of Chief Data Officer may be the next permanent edition to the C-Suite or an inherently temporary role. 

Organizations may build their businesses on data, but they don’t necessarily manage it well. That’s why Chief Data Officers (CDO) can play a valuable role in helping the organization value its data across the enterprise…Read More

Tom McCall

Contributor, Gartner, Inc.

Successful companies, particularly Software-as-a-Service companies, with a growing customer base face several seemingly unrelated challenges which a Chief Data Officer can address.

  • Leaders need better business analytics to drive sales tactics, plan support staff requirements, and, answer investor questions, like; “What is the cost of customer acquisition?”, “What is the life-time-value of a Customer?”.
  • Customer-facing processes constrain growth. Client on-boarding, user enrollment, customer success/support and subscription invoicing are too slow, too expensive, and, don’t scale. 
  • Current technology leaders are already over-stretched trying to build the next product release. And, their skills and experience are quite different from those needed for internal process and systems evaluation, implementation and integration.
  • Managers don’t agree on the problems, priorities and solutions that would bring the greatest benefit. In fact, they don’t even seem to agree on the definitions of some pretty basic terms; like customer, and, subscription.

At this point, each functional area is likely to go in search of point solutions.

New skills for new challenges

Telegraph Hill Software’s interim Chief Data Officers  bring together the business consulting, solution evaluation, systems integration and analytics skills to create consensus, write a plan and execute.

    • Business Consulting: Using facilitated meeting techniques and deep data modeling expertise, we build consensus about the problems at hand, definition of terms, urgency, priority and dependencies across business functions.
    • Technical architecture: Together, we evaluate applications, from large-scope COTS packages to small-scope SaaS applications to form the basis of systems supporting business processes and analytics. And, we define the data structures required to support analytics.
    • Organization structure: Gaining the best advantage from a new Business Analytics infrastructure typically requires some organizational changes. In the short-term a single team, often reporting to the CFO (or CIO if the organization has one) builds the initial data pipeline and systems integrations. In the medium term, business analysts reporting to business function managers use the data. Over time a central group of technologists support the day-to-day operations of the data pipeline, build additional systems integrations and add them to data pipeline.  The business analysts assigned to business units form an in-house community which keep data semantics connected across functions and serve as translators of nuance.
    • Implementation: THS can staff and manage the array of skills needed to implement and integrate the components and create/populate the analytics repository.


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“Telegraph Hill Software helped us arrive at consensus about our business analytics and then helped build the team and platform to deliver it.”

Mark Khavkin

Chief Financial Officer,

Interim Vice President of Software Engineering

Grow your technology organization in a highly competitive labor market while managing hiring risk.

Go Faster – Not Slower

When your CEO says, “go faster”, what do you do?  Grow your Software Engineering team!

That’s when you run into 3 challenges that take time away from building and deploying product; challenges that threaten to make you go slower just when you have to go faster:

– Recruiting –  Training – Staffing –

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Recruiting new team members is time consuming, especially for you and your direct reports who are already double and triple booked….

Read More

You teach recruiters what to look for.  Still only 1 or 2 out of 10 resumes is a good candidate.  You screen, interview, and, ‘sell’ job candidates.  Which means more time away from building product. Threatening to make you go slower instead of faster.

Telegraph Hill Software can help.  Our ‘Interim VP of Engineering’ consultants work with you to screen and interview candidates from recruiters and from our own professional networks.  Our consultants know the local labor market because they have decades of experience in technical hiring.  Instead of meeting 100 candidates to fill 10 roles, you might meet 12 or 13.

You’ll go faster, not slower.

Still, hiring 10 new engineers is no guarantee of 10 successes.  The best way to avoid bad hiring outcomes is to ‘try before you buy’.

So, Telegraph Hill offers ‘conversion contracting’.  New hires work under our contract until you offer to convert them to full-time employees.  Where productivity or other performance concerns arise, Telegraph Hill will be responsible for replacing the consultant.

Where the consultant becomes an integral part of your team, and, at your request, Telegraph Hill works with your HR department to offer the consultant full-time employment with your company.

You avoid the risk of bad hiring outcomes.


At the heart of any advanced development effort is a business problem embedded in a business context.  It could be an arcane banking function, or, a complex e-commerce process for medical devices, or, energy spot-market trading.  Whatever it is, few technical candidates are likely to understand the problem and context before their first day on the job.

How do they learn enough to become effective?  They ask their team-mates for explanations. Thus taking time away from building product. Again, threatening to make you go slower, just when you need to go faster.

Telegraph Hill’s Interim VP of Engineering consultants address the training challenge with formal training methods.  They can quickly research and understand your company’s target problem and context because they have worked in dozens of industries and have strong math and science backgrounds in addition to their decades of experience in software engineering.  They build and present training materials which can be used to bring new hires up to speed as well as fill in the knowledge gaps of your existing team.

You’ll go faster, instead of slower.


The first assignment can be the highest risk for time for new hires.  A time when they need the highest level of technical mentoring and job-specific coaching.  This puts the highest burden of people-management on you and your managers.

Telegraph Hill’s Interim VP of Engineering consultants have decades of technical personnel management experience.  They’ve seen all the warning signs of trouble and discovered mentoring and coaching approaches that help.

If you are organized as product-centric, full-stack, scrum teams, our Interim VP of Engineering can be the lead of a new team.  This helps prevent distraction inside other teams.

If your teams are organized by technology layer (front-end, back-end, core algorithms) then our Interim VP of Engineering can serve as a mentor and personnel manager in a matrix structure.

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“Telegraph Hill’s managers excel at evaluating top technical talent across the entire spectrum of skills necessary for a rapidly-growing, elite SaaS firm like ours. Although they are not a staffing firm, they’ve assisted us in building a great team.” John MacIlwaine

Chief Technology Officer

Interim VP of Customer Engagement Systems

The right people; experts in both the underlying technology platforms and industry best practices.

When embarking upon a technology transformation in the customer experience space, often times companies will rely solely on the vendor’s Professional Services organization to perform business analysis, requirements, design, and implementation. Without having technical expertise and resources trained on the new system in-house, this model can lead to a disconnect between the business requirements and the design, and a deficiency in delivering a best-in-class solution due to a “like-for-like” migration approach from the outdated technology. A consultative approach is necessary to evaluate the legacy system configuration and business processes to propose a value-added methodology that considers both IT and Business operational impacts.

A fully resilient Application Architecture that first takes into consideration the upstream and downstream integration dependencies is also paramount to gauge the complexity and insure the effort is sized properly. It should serve as the foundation to enable the business to realize their short and long-term strategies and align with the technology road map.

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“Telegraph Hill Software led the successful deployment of our Genesys call center infrastructure after years of false starts.”

Healthcare CIO

Technical Specialist Staffing

The hardest-to-fill roles require multiple expertise

Technical Expertise On-site

Mission-critical software and data development services, on-site, at fast moving SF Bay Area digital businesses.

The deepest expertise develops over time. Successful products have interfaces, integrations, generalization, testing. That requires expertise beyond this week’s latest technical tool.

Founded in 2010, our ability to provide highly experienced, cost effective and local development talent has made Telegraph Hill an essential partner at many Bay Area businesses.

Our experienced engineers maximize development productivity by working at our clients’ offices as an integral part of their technology organization. Using primarily open-source technologies, our senior engineers, analysts and managers are expert in technology management. 

Problems We Solve

  • Cloud platform architecture, enablement, migration, operations and cost control
  • DevOps Continuous Integration & Delivery
  • Enterprise API & Middleware Technologies
  • Image & Voice Signal Processing & Recognition
  • Machine Learning, Natural Language & Intelligent Systems
  • Big Data, Date Warehouse and Operational Data Stores
  • Business Intelligence, Data Mining & Quantitative Analytics
  • Microservices Architecture & Implementation
  • Ecommerce and Online Advertising Software Technologies

    Telegraph Hill created a dedicated, highly-skilled cross-functional Agile team with strong leaders. They are customer-focused. Their ability to identify potential gaps in the process—then make suggestions on how to overcome them—get  our clients to the finish line.

    David Ward

    Founder & CEO, Telegraph Hill Software


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