Interim Technology Leadership

Interim and fractional senior technology leadership; CTO, CIO, VP of Engineering, and, VP of User Experience.

As part of your company’s leadership team, you know that senior technology leadership is scarce, expensive and difficult to keep on staff. It is not limited to the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). It also includes at least the roles of Vice President of Engineering (VPE), Vice President of User Experience (VPUX), and, Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Each of these roles has very different responsibilities and very different technology, process and personnel challenges. People who excel at one role rarely excel at two or more.

Online businesses and SaaS startup companies often launch with just a single senior technologist as part of the leadership group. Even well-established companies often suffer for the lack of sufficient capability in all these roles. Consequently, people in these roles can become overloaded with an array of responsibilities outside their experience and beyond their available capacity.

Senior technologists of all kinds are in high demand and so they move frequently.

If your company is growing fast, or, pivoting to a new business model, or, under pressure to release product faster, or, in need of guidance on the dizzying pace of technological change, or, must improve business processes and their supporting systems, or, if your senior technology leader has announced their departure, you need to take action quickly. Yet, recruiting new technology leadership can take 6 to 16 months.

You could consider part-time and interim Technology Leadership consultants as a timely and cost effective option.

Telegraph Hill has advised us from our founding on a product and technology roadmap for our healthcare analytics solutions that fits available funding and revenues.

Stuart Jacobson,
Biome Analytics, CEO & Founder
Interim and fractional technology leadership helps extend current senior leadership. Provides trusted evaluation and planning. Improves board and investor relations. Executes specific evaluation and analysis tasks. Mentors current staff into more senior roles. Recruits new full-time leadership as needed.
    • Interim CTO Leadership focuses primarily on customer-facing use cases and supporting technology processes and labor; cloud migration & transformation, technology stack, disruptive technologies current and future, labor sourcing strategy, information security risk assessment and remediation, and, guidance to company leadership on all of the above.
    • VP of Engineering primarily focuses on the software enabling customer-facing use cases; legacy code evaluation, maintenance & migration, dev/ops processes and accountability, day-to-day management, personnel and business partner evaluation and improvement, team building.
    • CIOs focus primarily on internal, partner and regulatory use cases which vary greatly by industry. CIO responsibilities span business software acquisition and implementation, business operations and intelligence (“turning the back office into the front office”), supporting business process improvement and re-engineering, data center operations, network engineering, capacity planning and budgeting and internal IT security.
For an immediate response for your issues:


Our content delivery solution includes SaaS, mobile software, cloud storage and professional services. Telegraph Hill gives us the guidance we need to meet enterprise IT standards at a price we can afford.

Dennis Mcknew
CSO & Founder, Nirvanu, Inc.

Business Operations & Analytics for SaaS Companies

Congratulations!   Your customer base is growing!

That’s the good news.  In other news, customer-facing processes like on-boarding, customer success/support and subscription invoicing are strained and have become the constraint to growth.  Managers, board members and investors are clamoring for better business analytics to drive sales tactics, plan support staff requirements, and, answer investor questions; “What is the cost of customer acquisition?”, “What is the life-time-value of a Customer?”.

These are the operational challenges that confront successful SaaS company leadership.  But, the current technology leaders are already over-stretched trying to build the next product release.  And, the skills and experience needed for internal process and systems evaluation, implementation and integration are quite different from the skills of successful SaaS technologists building product.

Furthermore, the current functional managers don’t exactly agree on the problems, priorities and solutions that would bring the greatest benefit.  In fact, they don’t even seem to agree on the definitions of some pretty basic terms; like customer, and, subscription.

At this point, each functional area is likely to go in search of point solutions.  And, terms like datawarehouse and business process re-engineering are bandied about.

New skills for new challenges

Telegraph Hill Practice Directors have experience in exactly these situations.  They bring together the business consulting, solution evaluation, systems integration and analytics skills to create consensus, write a plan and execute.

  • Business analysis: Using facilitated meeting techniques THS builds consensus among functional managers for the definition of the problems at hand, their degree of urgency and sequencing.
  • Technical architecture: Together, we evaluate applications, typically other SaaS applications, from large-scope packages to small-scope SaaS apps to form the basis of systems supporting business processes and analytics.  And, we define the data structures required to support analytics.
  • Implementation: THS can staff and manage the array of skills needed to implement and integrate the components and create/populate the analytics repository.

Telegraph Hill Software has the experience and expertise to help your company to the next stage of growth.


Technology Growth Consulting

Scaling onsite technology organizations in a highly competitive labor market while managing risk

As a technology leader, you know that hiring technical talent is an enormous challenge. Your company is committed to building products here, at your offices in the Bay Area. So, there’s no shrinking from the challenge of building great technology teams on-site, right here.

But, how do you find the time?

Your most urgent tasks are immediate product development and deployment. Your calendar is already double and triple booked. You can occasionally find the time to screen resumes and schedule interviews. But, that’s not enough. And your direct reports are even less available.

You have tried using bulk hourly contracts for technical personnel, but, those have delivered fewer hours than promised and the productivity seems quite low.

You need a partner who you can trust to recruit high quality, difficult-to-reach technical talent, on-board them, assign them to appropriate projects and give you the option to convert the people you want to full-time employees.

Telegraph Hill’s managers excel at evaluating top technical talent across the entire spectrum of skills necessary for a rapidly-growing, elite SaaS firm like ours. Although they are not a staffing firm, they’ve assisted us in building a great team.

John MacIlwaine
Chief Technology Officer

Telegraph Hill Software offers Technology Growth Consulting services to address this need. Telegraph Hill can help you more rapidly recruit, interview and on-board consultants under contract-to-hire terms that enables you to select contractors for conversion to full-time employees as the need arises.

Telegraph Hill Practice Leaders work as an extension of your management team. We take the time to understand your priorities and the skills that your projects need to deliver higher quality and sooner.

We have been working in the Bay Area for decades and so, can use our combined personal networks to reach hard-to-find technologists with the right skills. We on-board consultants to your projects via your HR processes, then supervise and mentor them to ensure a rapid ramp up.

Where productivity or other performance concerns arise, Telegraph Hill will be responsible for replacing the consultant. Where the consultant becomes an integral part of your team, and, at your request, Telegraph Hill works with your HR department to offer the consultant full-time employment with your company.


Onsite Agile Software Engineering

We enable you to leverage high-performance, on-demand teams that work from your offices, on your schedule, and on your challenges.

OK, let’s strip the Agile Development manifesto down to its essence: The smallest, co-located team of highly skilled engineers deliver the highest-quality software, at the lowest cost, in the least time.

Telegraph Hill delivers this essence on a daily basis by providing on-site software and data development services using open-source components to build mission-critical business software and data solutions for digital firms in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our experienced engineers are a catalyst to development productivity by working at your offices as an integral part of your technology organization. Working primarily with open-source technologies, our senior engineers, analysts and managers are expert in:

  • Java, JavaScript, Python, open-source projects and componentry
  • Responsive UI and web content development
  • Automated test frameworks, test design and development
  • DevOps engineering and related script development
  • Systems engineering and related operating system configuration
  • Machine learning, natural language and intelligent systems
  • Image and voice signal processing and recognition
  • Enterprise API and middleware technologies
  • Microservices architecture and implementation
  • Relational and NoSql data solutions
  • Big data, data warehouse and operational data stores
  • Ecommerce and online advertising data solutions
  • Mobile application development
  • Agile team leads and technical project managers



Telegraph Hill created a dedicated, highly-skilled cross-functional Agile team with strong leaders. They’re customer-focused. Their ability to identify potential gaps in the process—then make suggestions on how to overcome them—helped get us to the finish line.

Chaomei Chen
Chief Risk Officer

DevOps Consulting

Welcome to the “app culture” – fast-paced releases with smaller, self-contained deliverables.

An effective process is one that recognizes and responds to stated goals and the specific dynamics of its environment. While the pace of today’s software development environment is dizzying, and software development management is more critical than ever, there is no silver-bullet, off-the-shelf process that works for all companies. Not one!

There is no silver bullet – not all Agile best practices are universally applicable.

The reality is that every company must create a software development process that works within their context. At Telegraph Hill, we understand that. Since there is no one-size-fits-all process, we help define, create and implement processes that are unique to your business, culture, workforce and the software universe at large. The result is a tuned and balanced development approach that considers all the dynamics of your organization and  your agenda.


The Agile process is not a silver bullet - you still need to deliver the end game.

Eric Lan
Managing Partner & COO, Telegraph Hill Software

Customer Engagement Center

The key to any Customer Engagement Center Project effort is to have the right people; experts in the underlying technology platforms and industry best practices, with a vested interest in the business impact of the Customer Engagement platform.

When embarking upon a technology transformation in the customer experience space, often times companies will rely solely on the vendor’s Professional Services organization to perform business analysis, requirements, design, and implementation.  Without having technical expertise and resources trained on the new system in-house, this model can lead to a disconnect between the business requirements and the design, and a deficiency in delivering a best-in-class solution due to a “like-for-like” migration approach from the outdated technology. A consultative approach is necessary to evaluate the legacy system configuration and business processes to propose a value-added methodology that considers both IT and Business operational impacts.

A fully resilient Application Architecture that first takes into consideration the upstream and downstream integration dependencies is also paramount to gauge the complexity and insure the effort is sized properly. It should serve as the foundation to enable the business to realize their short and long-term strategies and align with the technology road map. 

Technical Skills

Telegraph Hill Software is your onsite software development catalyst.  We provide mission-critical software and data development services at fast moving digital businesses throughout the SF Bay Area.

Founded in 2010, our ability to provide highly experienced, cost effective and local development talent has made Telegraph Hill an essential partner at many Bay Area businesses.

Our experienced engineers maximize development productivity by working at our clients’ offices as an integral part of their technology organization.  Using primarily open-source technologies, our senior engineers, analysts and managers are expert in:

Technical Management

  • Agile Development
  • Agile Team Leads, Technical Project Managers
  • Interim CTO, Interim CIO and Interim VP or Engineering Leadership
  • IT Risk Management Consulting
  • Information Security Consulting
  • Business Intelligence, Data Architecture and Reporting
  • Automated Test Frameworks, Test Design & Development
  • IT Operations

Problems We Solve

  • DevOps Continuous Integration & Delivery
  • Enterprise API & Middleware Technologies
  • Image & Voice Signal Processing & Recognition
  • Machine Learning, Natural Language & Intelligent Systems
  • Big Data, Date Warehouse and Operational Data Stores
  • Business Intelligence, Data Mining & Quantitative Analytics
  • Microservices Architecture & Implementation
  • Ecommerce and Online Advertising Software Technologies
  • Cloud Enablement

Skills We Possess

  • Java, Python, Scripting Languages
  • Javascript, Angular, Node C++, C#, Ruby, Rails, Grails
  • Responsive UI , HTML/CSS & Web Content Development
  • SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, Stream/Event Columnar
  • RDBMS Oracle, Sql Server, MySql, Others
  • Linux & Android Drivers, Configuration, Administration
  • Mobile iOS & Android Application Development
  • Open-source Projects, Components & Integration

Much more software is being developed by all companies, in all industries, than was ever true in the past.

David Ward
Founder & CEO, Telegraph Hill Software