Several prominent industry leaders have started to express anxiety if not outright warnings about the use of AI in our daily lives, echoing the ‘Terminator’ movie franchise.

A more nuanced, engineered approach is presented here, classifying the use of technology to what human beings are natively good at vs machines, and choosing the best fitness to purpose.

Man vs Machine From the IEEE xPlore Digital Library

Download here.

Level Automation description:

  • The computer offers no assistance: human must take all decision and actions.
  • The computer offers a complete set of decision/action alternatives, or
  • Narrows the selection down to a few, or
  • Suggests one alternative, and
  • Executes that suggestion if the human approves, or
  • Allows the human a restricted time to veto before automatic execution, or
  • Executes automatically, then necessarily informs humans, and
  • Informs the human only if asked, or<
  • Informs the human only if it, the computer, decides to.
  • The computer decides everything and acts autonomously, ignoring the human.


In other words, we don’t have to jump to 10 and build “Skynet” for all use cases.  At Telegraph Hill, we have twenty years experience with applied AI and machine learning to help you sort this out.

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