The Local & Experienced Advantage

Local, On-site, High Performance.

We integrate with your team, your culture, your environment – and your schedule.

If your organization must quickly bring to market business-critical software, collocated teams are the best practice. The cost savings from distributed teams often prove illusory; quality suffers; and distributed teams are always slower. The simple dynamic of right-skilled, high-performance teams sharing the same workspace maximizes productivity and can dramatically reduce time to market. This is precisely why you should choose Telegraph Hill Software to be your onsite software catalyst.

The benefits of Telegraph Hill on-site performance:
  • Accelerates communication and improves productivity
  • Promotes trust and mutual respect
  • Streamlines product development
  • Lowers operation costs
  • Reduces HR overhead
  • Simplifies management
  • Reduces business risk
We accelerate your technology organization’s growth by staffing entire agile teams.

We find, hire and manage the best in-demand software and data talent experienced in building business-critical software and data solutions. Spanning several decades, our roots have been in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We have deep relationships and extended networks to the leading technical talent in the marketplace.

Almost all of our staff has been working locally for 15-25 years, we have a very deep network in the software community here in the San Francisco area.

David Ward
Founder & CEO, Telegraph Hill Software

Experienced Technologists.

We are experienced open-source experts committed to delivering innovative solutions.

At Telegraph Hill Software, we believe we’re only as good as the last solution we’ve delivered. We’re proud to have provided highly experienced, cost-effective and local development talent to some of the leading and innovative Bay Area firms.

Some of our technologists’ specializations include:
  • SaaS Architectures
  • SaaS Operations
  • Agile Development
  • DevOps Engineering
  • API Strategy and Implementation
  • Test Automation
  • Big Data
  • BI
  • Machine Intelligence solutions

Working on-site increases the speed of iteration and overall improves the quality of the code.

Phil Lockwood
VP of Software Development, Telegraph Hill Software

A catalyst for success.

We are committed to simplifying the development of high-quality, business-critical software with an innovative and scalable model.

As software “eats the world”, there seem to be no limits to the number of applications that customers and employees desire. Simultaneously, product lifecycles continue to decrease, putting huge demands on software talent to deliver the right code on an almost impossible schedule. All of which assumes you have the right software talent to compete effectively.

At Telegraph Hill, we believe we can remove the classic operational and development barriers that limit an organization’s ability to accelerate their innovation. It’s through this innovation that companies can create significant competitive advantages and grow their value to an expanding customer base.

What we do for customers gets them to end the goal much quicker than if they had to go through the regular recruiting and training processes.

Vasuki Narayan
Project Assurance, Telegraph Hill Software

“Telegraph Hill’s managers excel at evaluating top technical talent across the entire spectrum of skills necessary for a rapidly-growing, elite software-as-a-service firm like ours. Although they are not a staffing firm, they’ve assisted us in building a great team.”

John MacIlwaine,
Chief Technology Officer, Lending Club