Interim Leadership

Interim​ Technology​ Leadership​ for Growing​ Companies

Get​ help​ when​ you​ need​ it​ most.​ Interim​ CTO,​ CIO​ and​ VP​ of Engineering​ services.

Interim​ Technology​ Leadership​, Interim CTO Services


Companies with accelerated growth plans use our Interim CTO Services  to benefit from a short-term infusion of experience and discipline. Our local leaders provide missing skills and experience to your team, providing critical insight and execution during times of change.

Our consulting executives fill roles such as Interim CTO; CIO; VP of Engineering; CISO.  We provide leadership continuity while solving your most pressing challenges: Refreshing your technical architecture; optimizing software team productivity; securing network and product; and providing a strategic roadmap aligned with business goals.


“With the help of Telegraph Hill we were able to increase our development team productivity, make key decisions regarding our product platform and launch on time – all while we began our search for a full-time CTO”

Sascha Simon
sfara Founder & President