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Senior technology leaders such as, Chief Technology Officers are scarce, expensive and difficult to keep on staff. Many online businesses do not need a full-time CTO.  Interim, part-time, and, task-specific technical leadership can be a timely and cost-effective option worth exploring.      

  • If your company is growing fast, or, under pressure to deploy product sooner, or, pivoting to a new business model, or,
  • If your management team needs guidance on cloud platform transformation, technical labor sourcing, technology stack evolution, information security, or, a Road Map of disruptive technology changing your industry, or,
  • If you need help preparing for investor discussions, or,
  • If your company’s client-facing business systems and processes, such as, provisioning, support and subscription billing are the constraint to growth, or,
  • If your technical leadership is leaving,

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“With the help of Telegraph Hill we were able to increase our development team productivity, make key decisions regarding our product platform and launch on time – all while we began our search for a full-time CTO”

Sascha Simon

Founder & President, sfara

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