Interim Chief Data Officer

An Interim Chief Data Officer can launch business analytics for SaaS companies sooner and without distracting from Product delivery?

The role of Chief Data Officer may be the next permanent edition to the C-Suite or an inherently temporary role.

“Organizations may build their businesses on data, but they don’t necessarily manage it well. That’s why Chief Data Officers (CDO) can play a valuable role in helping the organization value its data across the enterprise”…Read More

Tom McCall

Contributor, Gartner, Inc.

Successful companies, particularly Software-as-a-Service companies, with a growing customer base face several seemingly unrelated challenges which a Chief Data Officer can address.

  • Leaders need better business analytics to drive sales tactics, plan support staff requirements, and, answer investor questions, like; “What is the cost of customer acquisition?”, “What is the life-time-value of a Customer?”.
  • Customer-facing processes constrain growth. Client on-boarding, user enrollment, customer success/support and subscription invoicing are too slow, too expensive, and, don’t scale.
  • Current technology leaders are already over-stretched trying to build the next product release. And, their skills and experience are quite different from those needed for internal process and systems evaluation, implementation and integration.
  • Managers don’t agree on the problems, priorities and solutions that would bring the greatest benefit. In fact, they don’t even seem to agree on the definitions of some pretty basic terms; like customer, and, subscription.

Without a Chief Data Officer as the focal point for business analytics, each business function is likely to go in search of point solutions for their specific analytics needs.

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“Telegraph Hill Software helped us arrive at consensus about our business analytics and then helped build the team and platform to deliver it.”

Mark Khavkin

Chief Financial Officer,

New skills for new challenges

Telegraph Hill Software’s interim Chief Data Officers  bring together the business consulting, solution evaluation, systems integration and analytics skills to create consensus, write a plan and execute

  • Business Consulting: Using facilitated meeting techniques and deep data modeling expertise, we build consensus about the problems at hand, definition of terms, urgency, priority and dependencies across business functions.
  • Technical architecture: Together, we evaluate applications, from large-scope COTS packages to small-scope SaaS applications to form the basis of systems supporting business processes and analytics. And, we define the data structures required to support analytics.
  • Organization structure: Gaining the best advantage from a new Business Analytics capability typically requires some organizational changes. In the short-term a single team, reporting to the CFO or CIO builds the initial data pipeline and systems integrations. In the medium term, business analysts reporting to business function managers turn data into useful insights. Over time, the central group of technologists support the day-to-day operations and the business analysts a community that standardizes data semantics across functions and serve as translators of nuance.
  • Implementation: Many companies find the scope of their Business Analytics encompasses many data sources making their project rather unique. An Interim Chief Data Officer can staff and manage the array of skills needed to implement and integrate the components and create/populate the analytics repository. Once the bulk of the data pipeline is established and the analytics community is established the Chief Data Officer can move on to another assignment.

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