Insights About Cloud-Native Software Engineering

Big Data: Better, Faster, Cheaper with Streams

Thinking in Streams with AWS Kinesis – A High Performance Best Practice for Big Data   McKinsey research suggests that “the gap between leaders and laggards in adopting analytics, within and among industry sectors, is growing. We’re seeing the same thing on the...

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ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Before you take on the next assignment – Stop and Consider – is this what you really ought to be doing? The Association for Computing Machinery is not known for inspirational exhortations to a higher calling. But, in their dry, analytical way they are asking we...

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Is Innovation Overrated?

In a thoughtful article in Aeon, professors from Steven's Institute argue that innovation has been fetishized to the detriment of modern society, politics and business. Innovation -- What is It Good For? Robert Gordon’s important new book, The Rise and Fall of...

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CTO Success in Startups

In our prior posting on do I really reed a CTO?, we explained how the role of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is often confused and that it’s often best setup as a part-time or advisory role in start-ups. But what makes a CTO successful? What makes a startup...

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Do I Really Need a Full Time CTO?

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is one of those job titles with widely varying definitions. As defined on Investopedia: A person in this role, “examines the short and long term needs of an organization, and utilizes capital to make investments designed to help the...

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Self-Serve BI and Smart Cataloging

This article on business intelligence, governance and smart cataloging tools is a follow on to our Lean Startups and Business Data Quality post. We're pleased to welcome Nate Vaziri as a guest blogger to the Telegraph Hill Software blog. The Underfunded Data Democracy...

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AWS Security for Start-ups

With a market share of 33 percent, (1) Amazon Web Services is by far today’s most popular cloud infrastructure service solution, Synergy Research Group data shows. To keep their AWS data secure from cyber vulnerability risks, many companies turn to third-party...

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