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Guide to Selecting Languages and Platforms

Introduction For a software engineering team, choosing a programming language and its associated tools, apps and open source projects is a momentous decision.  A good decision can make your development more agile, accelerate your progress, and expand your technical...

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8 Do’s and Don’ts of Agile Contracts

Who would want to admit that they are not agile?  Not startup CEOs, nor corporate CEOs. In the rush to total digitization, everything from corporate strategy to food service contracts is now expected to be “agile”, able to respond rapidly to customers and disruptive...

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4 Steps to Cloud Security on a Startup Budget

Today’s startups increasingly rely on the cloud for their tech infrastructure and thus an IT and cloud security environment that differs significantly from traditional managed servers and network firewalls. Public cloud adoption will grow 18 percent this year alone,...

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Lean Startups and Business Data Quality

Lean practices mean non-functional requirements like business data quality, information security, and test automation get relatively little attention at first. Firms employing lean focus on what’s most important to customers today and de-emphasize planning and...

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Fintech: Is the Bubble Deflating?

The head of innovation at Wells Fargo, Steve Ellis, is sort-of quoted here as saying "fintech sector could see a dot-com-style shakeout similar to what occurred in 2000".   Telegraph Hill has a lot of experience within Fintech, here is my take: Hype vs Real Finance...

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Minimal Viable Information Security

Technology startups are different from going concerns, not least of which is their approach to information security risk. Here are my observations on how cyber risk management evolves in a startup, along with a caveat emptor to potential customers of startups. Risk...

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Human Capital Trends by Deloitte

Equating your human workforce with “capital” is only slightly less demeaning than referring to them as “meat”.  Still, this report by Deloitte deserves some attention:  Here's my summary: TREND 1....

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Cyber Security, John Donne and IOT

Here's my summary of a cyber security essay by Bruce Schneier, a premier thought leader on security for public consumption.  As a former English major, I'm using a meditation from John Donne as our guide: “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of...

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Business-first Cyber Security

Staffed by elite cyber security experts, Telegraph Hill Software offers an approach to business-first security similar to that described here by McKinsey.  But we packaged our security consulting for remote delivery to firms throughout the United States that cannot...

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Beyond the obvious security steps

All complex systems, whether physical or human or information security, increasingly fail because of multiple co-existing faults: "Of the 400+ reports received [US Army internal investigation], the most significant [information security] vulnerability found was,...

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