Insights about cloud-native software engineering

High-Speed Analytics: Planning and Execution

What’s happening to the term “big data”? Gartner has dropped big data from it’s hype cycle sighting other more specific terms that have replaced it. Gartner’s official position is: “Insofar as big data is a megatrend that touches so many aspects of our interactions...

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Keys to the Omni-Channel Strategy

Executive Summary Customers today demand contact via the communication channel of their choice, and businesses are struggling to keep up with the demand while providing a seamless and pleasant experience. If this is your challenge, and you are developing your customer...

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Starting the Spark

How I began learning Apache Spark in Java Introduction This is the first of three articles sharing my experience learning Apache Spark. Here I will go over the QuickStart Tutorial and JavaWordCount Example, including some of the setup, fixes and resources....

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Big Data: Better, Faster, Cheaper with Streams

Thinking in Streams with AWS Kinesis – A High Performance Best Practice for Big Data   McKinsey research suggests that “the gap between leaders and laggards in adopting analytics, within and among industry sectors, is growing. We’re seeing the same thing on the...

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ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Before you take on the next assignment – Stop and Consider – is this what you really ought to be doing? The Association for Computing Machinery is not known for inspirational exhortations to a higher calling. But, in their dry, analytical way they are asking we...

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