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Our clients range from global, household names to four founders with a sketch on a napkin. Solving challenges beginning with ‘square-one’ regulatory filings. Then MVP architecture, build and deployment. Then technical and organizational scaling.

Fintech Clients

Solving for innovation, scale, security and efficiency

“Telegraph Hill’s managers excel at evaluating top technical talent across the entire spectrum of skills necessary for a rapidly-growing, elite SaaS firm like ours. Although they are not a staffing firm, they’ve assisted us in building a great team.”

John MacIlwaine

Chief Technology Officer

Project Challenge

Lending Club was blessed with fast growth, but with technology and organization scalability issues. The company needed to build a mission-critical SaaS platform, while hiring experienced software managers and programmers from San Francisco’s highly competitive software labor market for its onsite agile teams.

Project Outcome

Lending Club hired Telegraph Hill Software as its Software Catalyst℠. We conducted a thorough review of their existing stack, documenting the connections between source code, user functionality, and technical operations, and identified architectural limits.

We then became their premier partner in rapidly building technology staff, creating elite consultant teams for development, QA, operations, and information security.

Today our consultant teams continue to work side-by-side with their growing technology organization, and many Telegraph Hill Software alumni are Lending Club managers and lead engineers.

Project Challenge

Lendeavor is the modern lender to medical practices, an innovative and successful fintech founded in 2014. Though person-to-person interactions are still the most critical factor in winning the trust of their clients, their client-facing web presence  extends that trust and internal systems enable effective and efficient interactions.

Lendeavor’s challenge was to scale up their business by expanding their product functionality. Their highly distributed engineering team needed to work closely with Product Management and Executive leadership representing their engineering capabilities and capacity in-person and onsite at Lendeavor’s offices in San Francisco.

Project Outcome

Telegraph Hill Software provided just the right person to be their technical management lynchpin with just the right technical skills, great communication skills, in San Francisco and on a contract-to-hire basis. 

We presented only a single, highly qualified candidate so that Lendeavor’s time was used most efficiently. We offered a contract-to-hire arrangement so that both Lendeavor and their future Director could reduce hiring risk.

Project Challenge

fintechbank.co founders intend to address banking for under served commercial customer segments through their compliance-as-a-service platform mounted on a contemporary core banking infrastructure offering cash management, deposit services and risk management services made possible by an unprecedented depth of knowledge about their unique customers.

The first challenge was to convince U.S. regulators to grant their new bank charter request. That meant including technical architecture and implementation plans that addressed the core banking platform and custom AI capabilities to assure regulators that fintechbank.co could operate responsibly particularly in the areas of know-your-customer and anti-money laundering functionality.

Project Outcome

Telegraph Hill Software Interim CTO consultants with deep expertise in core banking platforms and AI development plus decades of experience in financial services, particularly in commercial banking and regulatory chartering processes helped fintechbank.co’s leadership team complete OCC regulatory filing within 60 days.

Medtech & Healthcare

Solving for uniquely stringent regulatory requirements.

“Telegraph Hill has advised us from our founding on a product and technology roadmap for our healthcare analytics solutions that fits available funding and revenues.”

Stuart Jacobson

CEO & Founder, Biome Analytics

Project Challenge

Biome.io delivers analytic insights that hospitals and doctors need to provide high-performance cardiovascular care by combining clinical and financial data with a community-driven library of clinically relevant benchmarks, risk-stratification algorithms and performance measures. To do this, Biome.io collects highly sensitive patient and procedure information which is subject to stringent regulatory privacy constraints. 

Biome.io needed a technology partner who could advise on the technology components of the company’s strategy and help build and operate the platform with a level of discipline required by not only the regulations but the felt responsibility towards patients outcomes as well.

Project Outcome

Telegraph Hill Software technology management consultants, architects and operations personnel joined Biome’s efforts at the appropriate times to design, develop and operate their health data analytics platform keeping in mind the limitations of startup budgets and cashflow.

Project Challenge

Healthcare companies partner with Ximedica to transform bold ideas into life-changing innovative medical devices and diagnostics. Their teams of leading designers, engineers, analysts, and project managers with unique individual talents come together to tackle challenges at every stage of the development process, from concept through approval to manufacturing and delivery.

Ximedica’s Digital Products division starts with products, data, and users to create digital experiences for medical devices. Digital products are by their nature iterative and evolutionary. Every Digital Product design requires a data platform that supports the innovation embodied by the product, ensures future flexibility as the device progresses through a lengthy approval process and meets regulatory compliance today and in the future.

Ximedica turned to Telegraph Hill Software for  

Project Outcome

Telegraph Hill Software’s Interim Chief Technology Officer worked as part of Ximedica Digital Product design teams providing deep technical expertise in data platform architecture and security, software development process best practices and software organization building. 

Project Challenge

Baby Box is a startup focused on helping parents provide the best and safest care to their newborns, including providing free education and products that promote safe-sleep practices.  When their CTO left, they reached out to Telegraph Hill Software for help.

Project Outcome

Telegraph Hill Software provided a senior technology manager to lead the Baby Box engineering team.  As part of this engagement, THS assessed the team, the technology platform, and the development processes to identify inefficiencies and recommend improvements. 

Much of this coaching involved recognizing that the team itself was talented and well-suited to deliver the solutions the business needed, but that updates to Agile methodology and practices would go a long way to helping them deliver more product sooner.  After a permanent Engineering Director was recruited, THS stayed on for several weeks to smooth the transition.

Project Challenge

Eargo, Inc. manufactures a patented wearable hearing device. They operated in stealth-mode through mid-2014. Eargo, Inc. realized they needed a web and mobile presence in a very short time. And as they approached beta release in 2015, they urgently needed an e-commerce site that would meet the needs of an FDA regulated product.​ They turned to Telegraph Hill for assistance.​ ​

Project Outcome

Telegraph Hill worked with Eargo’s business team to define the requirements for the regulated e-commerce site that would support their business model and market strategy. Working side by side with Eargo’s marketing team the site was built, tested, and delivered on schedule, allowing them to continue their rapid growth.

“Telegraph Hill helped provide the critical management and programming skills we needed to launch our revolutionary hearing device on a state of the art eCommerce site. We look forward to their continued help as we build our in-house IT team.”

Matthew Welch

Chief Business Officer, Eargo, Inc.

Software-as-a-Service Clients

Solving for challenges as diverse as the markets they serve.

“Telegraph Hill Software helped us arrive at consensus about our business analytics requirements and build the team and technology to deliver it.”

Mark Khavkin

Chief Financial Officer, Pantheon

Project Challenge

Pantheon.io is the leading Drupal & WordPress website hosting company. With over 200,000 hosted sites. And, over 10 BILLION pages served! Pantheon focused on creating high performance hosting, professional development tools for teams and the most successful automated Drupal and WordPress publishing workflows available.

Like other successful SaaS companies, Pantheon needed accurate and timely operational analytics to guide decision-making from tactical sales decisions to board level strategy and investor presentations, including…

  • Annual Recurring Revenue
  • Customer Churn
  • Revenue Churn
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Acquisition Cost

…to name just a few.

So, Pantheon partnered with Telegraph Hill Software to create a data repository to bring together marketing, sales, product, and, client data as the foundation for their analytics platform.

Project Outcome

As Telegraph Hill Software’s Interim Chief Data Officer worked with Pantheon managers it was clear that Pantheon had grown large enough that each functional area had developed it’s own systems and semantics. So, the first task was to create a consensus among the leadership of each function regarding definitions of basic terms and the priority and urgency of each aspect of the analytics project. THS consultants led facilitated product design meetings where functional leaders participated in defined ‘agile design’ exercises informed by research of each functions supporting systems.

Source data is drawn from from multiple sources; micro-services withing Pantheon’s platform, Recurly subscription billing, Salesforce CRM and financial reporting systems. The data pipeline process extracts snapshots into a bucket file system. Dynamic schemas can automatically adapt to changes in source schemas and to the contents of JSON blobs from operational systems.

The resulting data store includes time series coding and provenance tracking so that changes to date range data over time can be explained completely.

Account relationship rules inform customer identification and data aggregation so that leadership decisions are based on agreed information.

Project Challenge

When Workday acquired the business analytics product Platfora the Analytics engineering team was under great pressure to integrate the new product under tight deadlines and enable “Bring Your Own Data” functionality for Workday clients.

Workday’s Analytics engineering management turned to Telegraph Hill Software to quickly grow their team with senior engineering talent in the highly competitive San Francisco Bay Area labor market and reduce hiring risk. Telegraph Hill Software responded with Senior Engineers on contract-to-hire terms.  

Project Outcome

While product integration is still on-going, Workday is clearly far ahead of where they would have been without Telegraph Hill Software’s talented engineering team. The immediate goal is to deliver the generalized analytics platform enabling Workday clients to add external data to their Workday data. The next goal is to create analytics products specific to human resources, finances and IT. 

Telegraph Hill Software’s responsibilities include:

  • Creating data generation tools to troubleshoot production issues
  • Troubleshooting Spark performance issues
  • Automating and parameterizing CI/CD pipelines
  • Site reliability engineering
  • SparkUI query development
  • Transitioning large-scale Python 2 to Python 3 code conversion

Project Challenge

Amitree.com is AI for business email. Amitree was founded to  transform the chaos of business email into a personal assistant, project manager and deal organizer.  Today Amitree’s product, Folio, is used by over 150,000 clients, primarily real estate brokers and related professionals who represent 40% of US residential real estate transactions.

Project Outcome

CTO Consulting provided product development leadership during a critical growth period for this AI-for-email startup. Optimization of the engineering organization structure and coaching of improved practice brought alignment to product, engineering, and data science teams.

“With Telegraph Hill’s guidance our Agile process is more efficient and collaborative – we wish we had done this a year ago!”

Jay Greene,

Co-Founder, Clockwork Recruiting

Project Challenge

Clockwork Recruiting is a SaaS company serving executive search and internal corporate recruiters. Shorten development time from idea creation to feature launch.

Project Outcome

Telegraph Hill Software’s CTO Consulting extended the capacity of the technical management team. Helped to clarify product ownership and developer roles and responsibilities. Implemented management reporting to help company leadership track progress and measure the velocity of feature development.

As a result, feature priorities, scope, completion forecasting, and, feature ship dates were transparent across teams. Which made product planning interactions more meaningful across product, engineering, and sales teams. Which made work a bit more fun.



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