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AWS Security for Start-ups

With a market share of 33 percent, (1) Amazon Web Services is by far today’s most popular cloud infrastructure service ...
Robert Boyd
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Minimal Viable Information Security

Technology startups are different from going concerns, not least of which is their approach to information security risk. Here are ...
David Brian Ward

Cyber Security, John Donne and IOT

Here’s my summary of a cyber security essay by Bruce Schneier, a premier thought leader on security for public consumption.  As ...
David Brian Ward
Business-first Cyber Security

Business-first Cyber Security

Staffed by elite cyber security experts, Telegraph Hill Software offers an approach to business-first security similar to that described here ...
David Brian Ward
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IoT Hygiene

Another thoughtful post by Schneier on the recent DDOS attack that caused extensive Internet outages.  The attack made use of ...
David Brian Ward