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Guide to Selecting Languages and Platforms

Introduction For a software engineering team, choosing a programming language and its associated tools, apps and open source projects is ...
Robert Boyd
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Open Floor Plans Suck for Programming

Check this link out on Quartz about open seating for software programming.  File this under things software managers and practitioners have ...
David Brian Ward

The Holacracy Fantasy

We Don’t Need No Stinking Management? In 2008, a team of researchers set out to prove what some at Google ...
David Brian Ward
Software Release Frequency, Continuous Software Delivery

Accounting for Continuous Software Delivery

Software Release Frequency, Business Models and Financing Software business models, customer financing models and software development methods are all in a ...
David Brian Ward
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Agile Practices, Devops and Release Frequency

When software releases become ever more frequent, the traditional pipeline of discrete development disciplines (requirements, architecture, design, coding, testing, integration, infrastructure engineering, release, operations, support, etc.) collapses into today’s...
David Brian Ward
Understanding vs Developing Software

Understanding vs Developing Software

In a recent WSJ article on technical talent gaps, the executives quoted were certainly anxious to innovate, quick to complain about ...
David Brian Ward
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Software Superstars of Agile Talent

If it is true that companies are hiring more contingent labor, and that trend disproportionately benefits superstar employees, then our software ...
David Brian Ward

Hiring Top Talent with Zero Risk

In our last post, we wrote about getting your criteria right for strategic technical hiring, and provide guidelines for determining ...
David Brian Ward