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Working at Telegraph Hill Software

Telegraph Hill Software offers you a career with a rapidly growing technology consulting firm in San Francisco, that helps Bay Area corporations and startups to start new software initiatives.

We are senior technology and business consultants with decades of technology management experience at companies large and small, leading development, engineering, operations, and program management teams.

Take a look at our values compared to other companies and you will know if you are right for us.

Telegraph Hill Developers

  • Software development is my profession.
  • I value having the option to work as a freelancer or an employee.
  • Solving problems is as interesting as coding. Refactoring is as challenging as writing new code.
  • Software development is a like a marathon.
  • My kid’s soccer game is as important as my deadline.
  • Tests are as important an artifact as functional code.
  • Reliable cash flow is as important as equity upside.
  • Software documentation makes objects visible.
  • Experience matters.
  • Non-functional requirements are also my responsibility.

Other Employers

  • Software developers earn good money.
  • Individual heroics is key to technology project success.
  • Maintenance programming is for training.
  • Software development is like a sprint.
  • Work always comes first.
  • Creating tests is for lesser talented people.
  • Stock options are the path to financial independence.
  • My code and its behavior is all anyone needs to know.
  • Operations, security, platform & QA are not my job.

In case we haven’t convinced you yet, here’s a quick summary on why you want to join us.

  • Challenging, leading-edge work with industry leaders in Financial Services, Insurance, Banking, Healthcare and Transportation.
  • Great colleagues, peers and mentors: Work with highly skilled professionals that can handle any business technology challenge, while building long-term customer and partner relationships.
  • Awesome achievements: Contribute to our vision of creating the next great services business model and brand.
  • High reward: We return substantial revenues to you in the form of base and quarterly profit sharing, and potentially more, based on your contributions to lead generation and business development.
  • Benefits: We offer a complete package of health, retirement and flex travel/medical expense benefits.
  • Management incentives: We offer multiple paths to select team members allowing them to share in our long-term growth and success.
  • Balanced work environment that values professional development as well as personal life.

What I like about Telegraph Hill is you have a lot of independence to do as you feel best for the project – as long as you’re successful.

Roger Bush

Principal Engineer, Telegraph Hill Software


268 Bush Street, #1500
San Francisco, CA 94104