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manager, AI management

Siri, Will AI Make Me a Better Manager?

This new HBR article suggests that managers will increasingly rely on AI in the future. Here’s my take: AI Management ...
David Brian Ward

Sustainability as Self Interest

HBR’s article suggests that because a firm’s self-interest and profitability derives from a value chain within an economic ecosystem, then the ...
David Brian Ward
Cloud security, IT security, cybersecurity, cyber attack, network security, penetration testing, vulnerability, cyber, Security, InfoSec

4 Steps to Cloud Security on a Startup Budget

Today’s startups increasingly rely on the cloud for their tech infrastructure and thus an IT and cloud security environment that differs ...
Peter Parker
information security

Minimal Viable Information Security

Technology startups are different from going concerns, not least of which is their approach to information security risk. Here are ...
David Brian Ward
lean business data

Lean Startups and Business Data Quality

Lean practices mean non-functional requirements like business data quality, information security, and test automation get relatively little attention at first. ...
Peter Parker
agile, contracts, performance, measurement, risk, development, engineering, agreements, lawyers,

8 Do's and Don'ts of Agile Contracts

Who would want to admit that they are not agile?  Not startup CEOs, nor corporate CEOs. In the rush to ...
David Brian Ward
open floor plans, agile engineering

Open Floor Plans Suck for Programming

Check this link out on Quartz about open seating for software programming.  File this under things software managers and practitioners have ...
David Brian Ward

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