There will never be enough to go around in our lifetime. Being located here in the heart of the heart of the software universe (i.e. San Francisco bay area) the inevitable task of recruiting and retaining the brightest and the best is our biggest daily challenge.



A recent article in the Economist highlighted a few of the hiring challenges facing all technology companies… Globally!  Read the Entire Article Here

A recovering economy in America and an explosion of entrepreneurial activity are driving up demand for tech talent. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the unemployment rate among software developers and engineers was just 2.5% in the fourth quarter of 2014, compared with a national joblessness rate of 5.7%.” states the article.

It’s not enough anymore to offer hiring bonuses and full medical benefits but the  work environment needs to make the employee feel empowered and part of the team as well as a contributor to the growth and direction of the company. All hands meetings as in past generations are essential and lavish perks like on-site cafes and sometimes even mini shopping malls have become de rigueur here in the City.

The article goes on to state “Like other creative types, the best software workers strongly believe that caring means sharing. All-hands meetings are not just for tiny start-ups; staff at even the largest tech firms expect their bosses to appear frequently in person or by video link, to be grilled about everything from corporate strategy to the quality of the office coffee.

Some hotshot developers still prefer to work in a small firm rather than be just another cog in a giant tech machine.

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