Onsite Agile Software Engineering

Onsite Agile Software Engineering

We grow software products and organizations faster.

Agile Engineering, Scrum


We specialize in helping fast-growing firms develop business-critical SaaS software products. We provide elite agile engineering teams that work side by side with your employees.

Combined with our startup veteran management consultants, we help you build your software and your technology organization faster.


“Telegraph Hill’s managers excel at evaluating top technical talent across the entire spectrum of skills necessary for a rapidly-growing, elite software-as-a-service firm like ours. Although they are not a staffing firm per se, they’ve assisted us in building a great team.”

John MacIlwaine
Chief Technology Officer,


“Telegraph Hill Software’s consulting and development expertise helped us get our advanced energy storage solution launched as we hired our own team. They understand the dynamics of early stage startups.” ​

Susan Kennedy
Advanced Microgrid Solutions

Our Agile Engineering Process

  • Our decades of startup experience allows us to engage your business and technology leaders to discover and prioritize goals and challenges.
  • We’ll help you identify the best agile practices for maximum productivity within your particular firm.
Agile Engineering


“OK, let’s strip the Agile Development manifesto down to its essence: The smallest, collocated team of engineers with the right skills will deliver the highest-quality software, at the lowest cost, in the shortest schedule.”

David Ward
Founder & CEO,
Telegraph Hill Software


“The Agile process is not a silver bullet you still need to
deliver the end game.”

Eric Lan
Telegraph Hill Software

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