What is a Software Catalyst?

A chemical catalyst accelerates a reaction without becoming a part of the resulting compound.
Telegraph Hill Software is a software catalyst that accelerates development without being a permanent part of your organization.

Classic development methodologies, well-intended processes and reactionary recruitment tactics struggle, at best, to keep pace with the demands facing software development today.  Innovative and disruptive methods are needed to rapidly build a development organization with good managers, good processes, and the best available talent.

For fast-moving organizations, Telegraph Hill Software will simplify, stabilize and accelerate your software development with our on-site, right-skilled, elite engineering teams. These are teams and individuals who understand the requirements for successful business-critical and timely, quality software. We are your software catalysts.

Home is where the smart is.

A good portion of the world sees the San Francisco Bay Area as a hub of innovation and technology, and the center of the software universe. We call it home. Founded in 2010, Telegraph Hill has a proven ability to provide its clients with highly experienced, cost-effective, local software engineering talent; from interim CTOs, to Agile teams, to brilliant individuals. We’ve become an essential partner to numerous Bay Area companies. Fast-growers such as Lending Club and innovative startups like Advanced Microgrid Solutions, as well as corporate leaders such as Visa, Bank of the West and Fidelity National Information Systems.



“I selected Telegraph Hill for their proven success in Development, Engineering, Operations, and Program Management. They possessed a plentiful and highly experienced team of mature professionals all under one roof. They were genuinely interested in the success of my project and were able to counsel me along the way. Their level of commitment extended beyond normal work hours, including attendance at a meet-up that I organized."

Nea Hanscomb
Founder, Appropo Software LLC
Understated technology overachievers.

We’ve pulled together the elite of the Bay Area technology scene without being elitist. We value clarity and strive to bring that to all our communications and interactions, while always providing a balance of technical depth and business judgment. We recognize all our associates as the keys to our mutual success. As such, we value work/life balance and commit to growing their careers with challenging work, focused mentoring, and timely training. We know we’re only as good as our last project and are reasonably excited that you could be our next overachiever.

"We act as a catalyst for software productivity in our clients' organizations."

David Ward
Founder & CEO, Telegraph Hill Software