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Product Launch Announcement

Telegraph Hill Software is proud to have developed and launched a solution for reopening construction sites safely during the pandemic. Developed for Peacock Construction, the app addresses the special requirements for sites where dozens of workers and others visit the site daily while meeting local health directives. We are proud to be part of reopening the construction economy, 6.3% of GDP and dominated by small businesses employing millions of workers.

“We are rolling out the check in app to 20 sites throughout San Francisco.”

Kyle Peacock

CEO, Peacock Construction


Rapid App Development

Time is money. Develop, modernize & deploy with smaller, faster teams using Cloud tools and infrastructure.

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Agile Staffing

Scale and optimize your technical organization with experienced, high productivity, self- managing engineers.

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Data Science

Data Science for Payments, Healthcare and Travel. Transform your product with the power of data.

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Cloud Engineering

Go cloud-native with Cloud Engineering services. Move fast, DON’T break things.

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Client Successes

peacock logo

Rapid App Development helped this Construction Company define and deliver a ‘touchless’ job site COVID-19 health safety app using the Google Cloud Platform.

workday logo

CTO Consulting helped Public Library of Science discover modern Google Cloud infrastructure and deliver bigger impact with a smaller technical team.

pantheon logo

Data Science for Business Analytics helped this fast growing Software-as-a-Service built on the Google Cloud create consensus and build systems to guide decisions from sales tactics to board strategy.

workday logo

Agile staffing for Data Engineering helped this SaaS company integrate an acquired Analytics-as-a-Service platform into their product offering.


Wednesday, February 19, 6pm to 9pm at 1111 Broadway, Oakland

Wednesday February 19, from 6pm to 9pm, at 1111 Broadway, Oakland, 3rd floor, join GDG Cloud Oakland with Adam Berry and Robert Boyd for a Firebase Study Jam.

Sponsored by Telegraph Hill Software. Food and drinks provided. Doors open at 5:30 for introductions and networking.

This Firebase Study Jam is a community-run study group for developers, intrigued or obsessed, with the vast array of possibilities of the Google Cloud. Featuring hands-on Firebase Codelabs and technical tutoring and real-world advice by Adam Barry to maximize how much you learn and how well you apply Firebase.

Wednesday, January 8, 6pm @ 1111 Broadway, Oakland

AI in Healthcare on GCP: Matching Patients to Clinical Trials

Wednesday January 8, from 6pm to 7:30pm, at 1111 Broadway, Oakland, 3rd floor, join Telegraph Hill Software’s Rob Wynden for a discussion about AI on GCP for Healthcare.

Sponsored by the GDG Cloud Oakland series. Food and drinks provided. Doors open at 5:30 for introductions and networking.

Hear how Rob Wynden, PhD, stretched the boundaries of AI in healthcare using Google Cloud Platform tools and infrastructure.

Rob discusses how Aloha Health Networks used medical ontologies (millions of medical terms and rules), unstructured data mining and natural language processing on GCP to produce personalized medical referrals matching patients to the most beneficial of 50,000 clinical trials.

Strategies to Pass GCP Certification Exams – Roundtable 

On Wednesday December 11, from 6pm to 7:30pm, at 1111 Broadway, Oakland, 3rd floor, join Telegraph Hill Software’s VP of Engineering, John Lorance for a panel discussion about how to pass Google Cloud Platform certification exams.

This meeting is the first in the East Bay Google Cloud Platform Meetup series. Food and drinks provided. Doors open at 5:30 for introductions and networking.

John holds GCP Associate Cloud Engineer,  Professional Cloud Architect and Professional Cloud Developer certifications. 

John will be joined by Blake Rogers and a panel of engineers holding GCP certifications.

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How Does Low-Code Work?

How Does Low-Code Work?

This is the second in a series of articles on low-code. This article: identifies the four “domains” of an application, explains how low-code platforms address each of those domains, explains why low-code platforms must be carefully selected to ensure optimal and sustainable solutions. Word count 1400, reading time 7 minutes.
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