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CTO Consulting

Navigate the ambiguity, risk and rapid change of modern technology with confidence.

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Agile Staffing

Scale and optimize your technical organizations by teaming with experienced technology managers, like you.

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Data Science

Transform your work with the power of data; AI/ML strategy, data engineering, business analytics, predictive modeling, model-as-a-service, onsite education.

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Cloud Engineering

Go cloud-native. Optimize subscription and labor costs, Transform devops tools & culture. Migrate reliably. Move fast, DON’T break things.

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Agile Staffing for Software Engineering helped this fintech software-as-a-service innovator grow their software engineering and operations organization from 20 to over 200.

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CTO Consulting provided product development leadership during a critical growth period for this AI-for-email startup. Optimization of the engineering organization structure and coaching of improved practice brought alignment to product, engineering, and data science teams.

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Agile staffing for Data Engineering helped this SaaS company integrate an acquired Analytics-as-a-Service platform into their product offering.

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Data Science for Business Analytics helped this fast growing Software-as-a-Service startup create consensus and build systems to guide decisions from sales tactics to board strategy.


Data Science helped this healthcare startup match patients with the most appropriate clinical trials using natural language processing and AI.


Managed Cloud Services helped this clinical performance analytics company deliver trusted data and clinical insights while meeting regulatory requirements.

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How Does Low-Code Work?

How Does Low-Code Work?

This is the second in a series of articles on low-code. This article: identifies the four “domains” of an application, explains how low-code platforms address each of those domains, explains why low-code platforms must be carefully selected to ensure optimal and sustainable solutions. Word count 1400, reading time 7 minutes.
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