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Our Practices

Interim CTO Leadership

Interim and fractional senior technology leadership; CTO, CIO, VP of Engineering, and VP of User Experience.

CIO Services for SaaS Companies

Operational systems & business analytics. The challenges that confront successful SaaS companies.

Technology Growth Consulting

Scaling onsite technology organizations in a highly competitive labor market while managing risk.

Onsite Agile Software Engineering

We enable you to leverage high-performance, on-demand teams that work from your offices.

DevOps Consulting

Welcome to the “app culture” – fast-paced, more releases with smaller, self-contained deliverables.


Customer Engagement Center

The key to any Customer Engagement Center Project effort is to have the right people.

Our Work

Intellectually stimulating, complex, mission-critical challenges – just the way we like it.


We’re ready for you. Are you ready for us?

Telegraph Hill Software has an ongoing recruiting process to attract and retain the best technology talent that we can identify.

Technology Leaders & Elite Software Engineers

Telegraph Hill Software is a catalyst that accelerates development without being a permanent part of your organization

Insights for Growing Companies

CTO Success in Startups

In our prior posting on do I really reed a CTO?, we explained how the role of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is often confused and that it’s often best setup as a part-time or advisory role in start-ups. But what makes a CTO successful? What makes a startup...

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AWS Security for Start-ups

With a market share of 33 percent, (1) Amazon Web Services is by far today’s most popular cloud infrastructure service solution, Synergy Research Group data shows. To keep their AWS data secure from cyber vulnerability risks, many companies turn to third-party...

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